FANTOM’s first survey closed February 28, 2023, with 106 participants giving detailed responses as part of our strategy to assess to needs of queer, trans, and BIPOC nightlife artists, organizers, and workers in Montreal’s underground. 

We plan to start releasing results in April, highlighting common themes from all of the input we've received from those who took a moment to share their dreams and concerns with us.

A full report will be published in June.

We are currently establishing open working groups centred around the key themes identified by the survey. The outcomes of these conversations will form the basis for our guidebook and our first year of advocacy.


︎ A number of open responses are shared anonymously in a highlight on our Instagram page.

According to the responses so far from organizers, artists, workers, and participants from across Montreal’s nightlife communities, the biggest unserved needs are:

      1. Access to safe event locations with better security
      2. More permits for afterhours venues and events
      3. More harm reduction spaces and resources

So far, the top concerns stated by these groups are:

      1. Events being shut down early
      2. Harassment of attendees
      3. Lack of collaboration within the community        438.940.5048       ︎