As FANTOM seeks operational funding, we are sustained by a collective of dedicated volunteers that comprises nightlife event organizers and workers, DJs, urbanists, sexologists, and researchers.

The success of our projects and events also relies on an extended network of over 30 volunteers, partners, and collaborators from the communities we serve.

LOU SELTZ (they/she)
co-founder, development / research / admin [volunteer]

Lou has worked in nonprofits oriented towards collective action and research-driven policy advocacy for the last decade, holding a Bachelor's degree in Economics as well as a Master’s of Urban Planning from McGill University.

As an active musician and DJ who has performed across Montreal, at venues ranging from house shows and underground mainstays to the Osheaga music festival, Lou has witnessed firsthand how the widespread loss of local and community spaces has had a paralysing impact on Montreal’s ability to sustain emerging arts and culture. Through their work for FANTOM, Lou has been able to combine a love for community organizing with fighting for an inclusive and vibrant nightlife scene in Montreal.

other responsibilities:  branding, media, operations

co-founder, advisor [volunteer]

Taher is a nightlife event organizer and DJ with over 10 years of experience in the field, starting in Tunisia before moving to Montreal in 2016.

As the founder and director of several established nightlife collectives and event series in the city’s underground arts scene, they have experienced firsthand the systemic issues that lead to the creation of FANTOM. In working to collectively create safer and more equitable spaces for organizers and artists in Montreal’s underground communities, Taher hopes that subsequent generations of creators will be better equipped to navigate the scene’s unique challenges and successfully support themselves with their art. Inspired by artists and advocates like Zab Maboungou, who worked for the recognition of African dance as an art form in Quebec, Taher’s ambitions for FANTOM also include championing underground art and bringing greater recognition to DJs as artists.

co-founder, development / projects [volunteer]

Oliver brings more than ten years of experience leading software projects for organizations of all sizes, having worked with technology startups, university research labs, game studios, and nonprofits. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Concordia University, Oliver also pursues DJing and electronic music production, and has been organizing dance and arts events in and around Montreal since 2016.

Born and raised in the Plateau, Oliver has watched the neighborhood and the city around it transform in response to the shifting socioeconomic and political landscape of Montreal and the province of Quebec. With FANTOM, Oliver has found an opportunity to channel both passion and expertise into projects that would arm Montreal’s underground arts scene with the tools to help them succeed in 2023 and beyond.

other responsibilities:  branding, communications, operations

YOUN JU “JONNI” CHUNG (she/they)
event coordinator [volunteer]

Jonni is an experienced event coordinator with a background in architecture and urban planning. As a queer immigrant of color and lifelong patron of DIY punk shows and live entertainment, Jonni has often felt unsafe in even the most caring scenes. First-hand experience of the limitations imposed by bureaucratic organizations—whether it be in the private or local & provincial public sectors—has left Jonni with a firm belief in the power of collective action.

As an event coordinator for FANTOM, they are committed to supporting and empowering artists, organizers, and workers who share similar lived experiences, values, and love for the community.

ALINA BYRNE (she/her)
operations [volunteer]

With over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry and four years in research and human resources, Alina currently holds a position in project management and people operations at a music marketing company  serving major international labels and event promoters.

Alina's involvement with FANTOM is driven by her desire to give back to local BIPOC and queer communities, recognizing the crucial role they play in shaping the underground music scenes she so appreciates. She leverages expertise in building and managing internal processes and operations to support FANTOM’s team in executing events and developing projects. Her work also hinges on a firm belief in the sharing of information and best-practices as essential tools for fostering equity within the industry.

writer/researcher [funded intern, BTO, 2023-24]

Yael Tobón is a Mexican writer and poet based in Montreal. Admitted initially into med school, they are currently enrolled in the Honours program in English and Creative Writing with a double minor in Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality and Liberal Arts.

As a queer BIPOC writer and newcomer to Montreal, Yael noticed the systematic oppression, scarce opportunities, and lack of diversity within the artistic circle in Montreal. They are all about writing, editing, and reading—she believes in the power words hold to influence people and bring them together to action. Thus, Yael is excited to use her writing and critical thinking skills to raise awareness about the need for safer spaces, sustainability, and collective action in the area of underground nightlife in Montreal.

GRACE WALLER (they/any)
community organizer [funded intern, BTO, 2023-24]

“I am a really good cook. I love video games. I love my cat. I am finishing a BA in Women’s Studies at Simone de Beauvoir Institute (Concordia University). I describe myself as a white settler, agender, queer, and joyfully neurodivergent.

I believe that workers in nightlife & service need more tangible collective organization in order to advocate for themselves in a society that undervalues their skills. Montréal is known for nightlife; who is profiting? Is it equitable and sustainable? I’m involved as a worker who wants to facilitate better compensation and conditions & as a co-conspirator (intern) in academia. I am really into connection & community as the way forward, breaking down the social norms that isolate and harm us”

ADAM CATHEY (they/them)
advisor [volunteer]

Adam is a seasoned event professional with over a decade of experience in the arts and cultural sector. From their early days organizing DIY all-ages events, to working in production with the film industry in Vancouver, to running their own Montreal-based event series, Adam has developed a deep understanding of the needs and challenges posed by event production in the arts. In addition to current studies in research creation and process philosophy at Concordia University's SenseLab, Adam also draws on a background in organized advocacy work—such as the successful campaign for the recognition and inclusion of trade show and event workers in the IATSE union. Throughout their career, Adam has been motivated to fight for equitable pay and safe working conditions in artistic sectors and queer spaces. They joined FANTOM to help further this mission and build a more just and sustainable future for the underground arts in Montreal.

communications manager [summer intern, Canada Summer Jobs, 2023]

Anne Victoria has focused her professional career on organizations that aim to provide equity to marginalized communities. Their Bachelor's degree in Art Science has driven them to utilize different forms of communication to change the world around them.

Singer, writer, designer and community worker, Anne Victoria understands the importance that community plays for the underground arts scene of Montreal and their need for advocacy and protection as one of Montreal’s most important culture shifters. At FANTOM, Anne Victoria has the freedom to establish communication for projects that utilize her passions for art and equity to accomplish social transformation.        438.940.5048       ︎